METAR Information

Interactive Display

The METARs page displays current surface observations. This page uses OpenLayers to provide an interactive display of data including zoom and pan and each observation can be clicked on to get more information.

Parameter Output

Here is a list of the parameters that can be displayed:

Each of the parameters can be displayed separately or a subset of the station model can be dislayed by selecting multiple parameters. If only the ceiling, visibility and cloud cover are needed, select those from the data selector and they'll show up in the proper position in the station model.

When the site is clicked, a dialog box appears with the latest raw METAR data displayed. If the decoded option is set, decoded data will display in place of the METAR. If the taf option is set, the latest TAF will be appended to the end of the data.

The data density setting changes the priority level of data to display. Selecting “-1” will reduce the number of stations plotted. A “+1” will roughly double the number. A “+2” will double again the number of plotted stations. Select the density appropriate to the needed plot.

Station Model Plot

Figure 1: Station Model Plot

In many cases, the data are plotted using standard symbols and plotting models. Fig. 1 shows the station model used in the METAR and TAF plots.

URL Options

Here is a list of the URL options: