Forecast entry

The local forecast entry offers two options. If you specify an airport name, and hit "Go", it will take you to an aviation specific forecast page for that airport. The aviation forecast page contains pertinent information along with the latest METAR, TAF and aviation forecast discussion from the WFO.

The airport can be entered with its 3 letter IATA identifier, its 4 letter ICAO identifier or by the name of the city and airport. If you type in a city such as "Atlanta", a drop-down box with airports in Atlanta will show up. By selecting one of them, the resulting forecast will be the aviation forecast.

If you don't select an airport, as in typing in "Atlanta" and hitting "Go", the page will be redirected to the forecast.weather.gov forecast for that city. Also, typing in a zip code will also forward you to the forecast.weather.gov site.

Top News and Information

The news and information items are active news items. Only the headline and the date issued are shown. To get the entire news text, click on the headline. This will forward you to the "AWC News" page. That page also contains an archive of all top news items going back to 2009.